A music class project turned into a CD of 19 fun songs. When I was a substitute teacher for Heartland Elementary for 6 weeks I ended up helping all 19 music classes write and then record their own fun song. The result was some pretty hilarious songs!

    Now, you’re not going to get masterpieces from every class, and since everyone in the class helped perform each song, obviously, they aren’t perfect performances either. BUT, if you’re looking for some new fun songs that you’ve never heard of before, you  may really want and need this CD! And one of the best parts is - the CD has an accompaniment track for every song.

   Listen to some of the samples of the songs I think are the best. I know one thing for sure. The “Peanut Butter Sandwhich” song is one of the all time favorite songs of my church youth groups in EVERY age category. They’ve been singing it for four years now and still get all excited when they find out we’re going to sing it. Kids writing songs for kids - it works!

   And the best thing is, this CD is only $6.00.



Remember, every song also has an accompaniment track to go with it, so you can sing the song yourself or have your

class or group sing it!

Every song on this CD comes with an accompaniment track to help you or your group learn each song.

  Price: $6.00