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Welcome to the only place you can purchase the 
 “I  Bleed Cubby Blue” CD and the 
only Christmas Cubby CD in the world! 

	Kevin has been writing Cub Songs since 2001, 
first being played on WGN radio on 
the John Williams show.

	Recently, Kevin has written brand new songs, including a World Series championship song on 
each of these CDs - JUST in case!

	  	These two CDs, “I Bleed Cubby Blue” and “Christmastime in Wrigleyville” represent the 
best of his best.

	Listen to samples by clicking the links to each CD - but seriously - if you have a Cub fan friend or family member - you’re not going to find a more unique gift.

Shipping is only $2 no matter how many CDs you order!

(Don't forget the purchase buttons that give you discounts for multiple orders!)


I Bleed Cubby Blue CD

Cubby Christmas CD

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